Yauri Dalencour Dance

The company, also known as Yauri Dalencour Dance is the performance initiative of Yauri Dalencour Dance/EthnodanceologyCreative™ under the direction of Yauri S Kelly Dalencour. Using contemporary dance she focuses on personal narrative and the human experience to challenge stereotypes, engage in political and social activism, investigate society through performance and kinesthetic and ethnographic modes, to educate and to inspire others to question things about society and themselves. Heavily influenced by history and social constructs around power, gender, “race”, culture, spirituality and socio-economic forces, common themes include struggle and triumph, fearlessness, inspiration, resistance and survival, strength, community, blood-memory and connection, beauty, love and grace. Her research as a scholar is the bedrock for her choreographic efforts as a performance artist and vise versa.

Relying heavily on my creative process to insight focus, I begin with identifying gestures within cultural experiences, and go from there gathering words, movement and static design concepts from improvisation engagements, documentation, photographs, video, music and personal experience (text) to culminate individual works. From engaging in improvisation and choreography to employing ethnographic research, these forces provide fuel for creating material that has the ability to speak to many audiences.

From as far back as I can remember, I wanted to “make it right”. I wanted to share the experience and the beauty of the community of which I came from to as many as I possibly could. I remember watching old movies of Black Hollywood and listening to stories and seeing images of people and art of the Harlem Renaissance. The Black Arts movement and let us not forget about Hip Hop. To me, the arts, particularly dance and music are mediums which influence society greatly. Dance and music to me are like politics…I just wanted to “make it right” through positive leadership and influence if at all I could offer a helping hand.

My passion has been propelled by my understanding of dance as culture. My love for history, people, experiences, and places drive my discussions about identity-gender “race” class and ethnicity and how all of these intersect with themselves and intersect with dance. This is the foundation of research.
As a dance ethnographer, an artist who interprets culture and theorizes the body and self, it is through my body that I have so much to say. As a performer, my deep analysis of the world around me exudes through my gestures, body language, and momentum of my spirit; as a scholar my writing on the body comes from someone who doesn’t just theorize about using the body to communicate but uses the body to communicate. I have discovered that my creative process is ethnographic.

In two most recent and current works, Mom.Me Monologues and Indigenous Dream, Yauri digs deeply into matters using both scholarly research methods and kinesthetic approaches. Through Mom.Me Monologues, she explores queries about a dynamic and passionate topic on women’s and children’s rights, pregnancy and birth and the workforce and career using mixed media—photography, live music and film. Through Indigenous Dream, she investigates personal journey engaging in reflexivity, personal reflection, structured improvisation, archival efforts – memoir, diary collections and drawing from thoughts and dreams – photography and video imagery and sound.

To learn more about Yauri S Kelly Dalencour and to see samples of her work and portfolio, visit her portfolio website and blog.

To check out Mom.Me Monologues created with co-producer Adrienne Adrienne Abdus-Salaam click the link to the right and click here to learn more about Indigenous Dream.