As an artist, social scientist and educator, I have various initiatives under Yauri Dalencour Dance/EthnodanceologyCreative™ focused on closing the education and opportunity gaps for underrepresented groups. These are the main four within the education initiative:

1. EthnodanceologyCreative™ is a cultural implementation boutique using arts, education and digital platforms and technology to bridge cultural gaps and reform education. EthnodanceologyCreative™ ​is currently developing an Ed Tech App and is concerned with the interactions between art, technology, culture and education. Its mission is dedicated to the services of cultural education through the artistic expression of dance. We are committed to exposing people of all ages from birth and beyond using dance and dance conversation as well as other expertise integrated with concepts central to dance, movement, and natural choices organic to our bodies as we believe this effort provides a pathway to better understanding the world around us.

EthnodanceologyCreative™ has grown since its founding in 2007 from developing and implemented dance programs, workshops, lectures, archival projects and performances to what it is today. Establishing innovative programs from development, implementation and staffing, to assessment and program branding and promotion, students are empowered and little by little we are bridging the education gap together. EthnodanceologyCreative™ also has a STEAM component.

learn more about ‘Ethnodanceology’, coined by Yauri S Kelly Dalencour.

2. Diversity and Inclusion in Tech – STEAM

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3. The Digital Museum: Dance within a Cultural – an extension of the Yauri S. Kelly Dalencour Dance Archives
Exploring Dance within a Social and Historical context as an extension of culture – one can understand more about culture, identity, and heritage through dance. After working as an archivist with Katherine Dunham and Bill T. Jones I became really passionate about digital archiving and online curation.

4. Publications & Research