Indigenous Volume I |Yauri Dalencour Dance |John Ryan Theatre - DUMBO | June 29

Refreshing. Reflective. in Rewind. A beautiful narrative of her reality.

What started out as what some would say a fantasy, my capricious imagination as a young girl carried me away where I could escape daily life. Visions of far away travels, vivid constructs of being back in time, these vintage moments captured my soul and would not release me. I fell in love with these ideas, my magical existence during the Harlem Renaissance and many other artistic and powerful cultural moments of long ago where I stood still in frozen moments and tides. In these eras, I found my inspiration in iconic women like Josephine Baker and Katherine Dunham, Chanel, and Lena Horne. I had to bring this to the now. I wanted to be like them - change the world for the better, through culture, song, dance, and inventive and indigenous aesthetic. My ambition and drive would only force this surreal visualization to become the inevitable. Reality. Actuality. Genuine occurrences of truth; turning my dreams into authentic realizations and cultivating their ripeness despite obstacles that have come my way, struggles I have encountered, challenges I have faced, doors shut tight and people who said to me "YOU CAN’T". Like ebbs and flows in a healthy marriage, I allow ebbs in life to ride me into the next chapter.

A narrative engendered from her personal diaries of more than 15 years, such words, writings, and poetry are her soundtrack weaved together with live vocal and percussion, sensual studio recorded songs, image, and text, illustrating her story. Sharing her dreams through her kinesthetic voice.

Indigenous: Dream is refreshing, reflective, and is all about the rewind. This choreographic, mixed media, 40-minute length collection of movement is nothing less than a beautiful narrative of Yauri’s reality and journey through her evolving and continuous dream which in every new day a little bit more comes to fruition. A dream which has propelled her artistic vision and creative curriculum educating and bringing about positive change, artistic activism and the creative passion she cannot move away from even when she is tired. Whimsical and lucid yet a clear state of consciousness Yauri uses contemporary dance to vocalize her journey sharing how and why she developed her artistic vision and mission, what it stands for and how it came to be. Travels through Spain her life changing exploration of their dance and language, studies of Bomba and Plena in Puerto Rico and Boroque dance while living in Italy, Yauri interlaces her experiences as a woman, a young dancer and later a wife and mom with visions, ideas, imagination and of course life’s ups and downs. Never letting go, never giving up. Sustained, euphoric, vibratory, and illuminating her fluid gestures shift and maneuver through space with velocity, grace, and poise. Not afraid to push boundaries or tease with imagery and text she connects these seamlessly. Yauri uses this performance and stage to share what she feels is her purpose in life. Text, photography, sound, and dance she shares her dreams through the way she sees the world. Her lense, a memoir; Indigenous: Dream.

*Indigenous: Dream is part of the “Dancing Starts at Home” project. Dancing Starts at Home is a scholarly investigation, seminar series, and collection of choreographic work and educational curriculum written, created, developed, choreographed, and taught by Yauri S. Kelly Dalencour of Yauri Dalencour Dance through several of her initiatives including EthnodanceologyCreative, the K-12 education outreach initiative. This overall project focuses on ways in which we can better our society by learning about the many cultures around us through art especially movement and dance. Viewers, students, and patrons investigate anthropological processes (assimilation, appropriation, syncretization and hybridization) through movement and choreography, song, text, and imagery by way of performance and dance on stage and curriculum in the classroom.

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