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Throughout my career, my efforts around my work have been to create, teach, perform, and preserve dance within a cultural context. Using the body to explore identity, heritage and "race" initiating dialogue about the cultural integrity of dance, the importance of preservation, and reaching all ages has been key. In the last year, however, my ongoing efforts came to screeching halt when a random heart echo revealed I had holes in the inside of my heart that I've had unknowingly since birth. Three months ago, doctors repaired my heart and since the procedure my love for my art has increased as my heart has been renewed. My passion for dance has not wavered, but grown even deeper! In order to continue my efforts creating, teaching, performing, and preserving dance, reaching young and old, I need your support! I will be holding my first fundraising event this February, during Black History Month!

This fundraising celebration will not only bring awareness to the work I have been doing and plan to continue to do, but also highlight what affect my work will have on the community at large particularly the youth with the support of you, my community, my friends and family. I want to continue to teach dance in the context of culture and share the methods and techniques in dance I have developed working with people of all ages. Your support and donations will help fund eight initiatives from dancing and teaching to artistic residencies and dance festivals which you can learn more about by visiting, our homepage at In closing, I will leave with this: Despite things that happen in life, as we say in the dance world... THE SHOW MUST GO ON! It just must!

Please email for donation processing assistance, or with any questions you may have.

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Event Update:

The 1st Annual Yauri Dalencour Dance Black History Month Celebration and Benefit has gone and passed however, you can find many of the great memories captured below. Check out the gallery, click a picture to enter the slideshow, or for descriptions and full credits click here. (Photo credits: Johnny Nuñez, Erneil Johnny)

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