Dance Classes – Birth

Dancing Mamas: Momma, are you expecting? Let’s dance! Physical activity, consistent movement and dance and exercise provide wonderful health benefits for expecting moms, reduce the risk for some labor interventions, helps to speed up post natal recovery and can even shorten the labor process! This class focuses on relaxing and fun movements Mommas can explore while in any trimester. Calming breathing and focus is a key component to the course which can assist Momma during labor and birth and further during the 4th trimester while momma is adjusting to mommyhood getting to know her body all over again. Mommas must have proper screening from health care providers before registering for this class series and must be well hydrated before and during this type of class.

Dancing Starts at Home: Introducing Dialogue Around “Race”, Culture, and Multiculturalism: This workshop delves into the current discourse around multi-culturalism, diversity, race, and identity and how these topics affect our children, how our children may be processing these concepts and how best we can introduce discussion around these topics with our children in a helpful way. Includes workbook and light refreshments.

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