Dance Classes – Baby to Toddler

Dancing Baby & Me: Dancing babies make connections between movement and the world around them by exploring different dance styles and techniques, choreography and structured improvisation with mommy, daddy, or caregiver close by! Exploring rhythm and music, timing and other movement based activities, dancing babies and their partners have fun engaging in essential hands on and expressive creative movement which serve to help balance, creativity, coordination, self confidence and imagination.

Drop Your Tot/Kiddie:Creative movement class incorporating ballet, jazz, modern dance and a variety of non-Western dance styles also includes a cultural component. Using visual arts, poetry/spoken word, and brief discussion, youngsters explore relationships between dance and culture. Sessions include live music accompaniment, snacks, and the program culminates with a finished product/portfolio and showing to parents of the work explored over the four weeks. Mama’s & papas drop their tots/kiddies off for the hour so they can take a moment for tea or coffee! Offered at one hour over four weeks.

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