Spring Seminars Series 2013 is Underway!

Spring Seminars Series 2013 is Underway!

The first seminar “Dancing Starts at Home – Introducing Discussions Around Multiculturalism ‘Race’ & Identity” to Your Children, I covered stereotypes, the current teen pregnancy campaign in NYC, culture, the arts and tools for parents to address dialogue around culture, identity, “race”, diversity and multiculturalism, particularly through exposure of dance and arts education.

Such discussions are ones all parents should and eventually will have with their children if they have not already and so how do you keep the dialogue going? If it has not begun, how do you start it? How do we answer questions we may not have the answers to about our nation’s history or people or things our children may see outside of the home, in the media, or when travelling when they ask? Do we leave it to the schools? To our children’s friends? I think it starts at home.

It is up to us as parents, educators, artists and adults to leave this world a better place for our youth and teach our children about the beauty of culture and variety it comes in. Understanding history and challenging negative stereotypes, labels and destructive imagery easily absorbed by young minds can be shaped by us as we teach our children what they will know. Many of us already have such conversations with our children, youth in the community and in the classroom and even among our close friends and family but it is nice to take advantage of an opportunity to dialogue with other parents who we may or may not know about perspectives, methods, notions, ideas, or ways they approach these topics when, how early, and if at all with their children and families especially in such a diverse borough as Brooklyn.Light refreshments included.

PRE-REGISTRATION suggested. Visit: http://www.ethnogroundzero.com/springseminars

Hope you can join, you don’t want to miss out!