I recently had dinner with film producer, author, mom, and wife to Spike Lee, Tonya Lewis Lee along with friend and health guru Latham Thomas, friend Kisha Edwards-Gandsy, founder of NYCity Explorers, developer Deanna Williams and others after a private screening of Tonya’s latest documentary, “Crisis in the Crib: Saving Our Nations Babies” which you should all check out. Tonya is …also the spokesperson for
“A Healthy Baby Begins with You” an initiative of the Office of Minority Health”. The doc looks at infant mortality in the African American community – http://www.tonyalewislee.com/home/productions. It was a pleasure to see the doc, meet involved and passionate women like writer and image activist Michaela Angela Davis who was expressed an appreciation for me sharing my story about my heart as well as others who were also in attendance sharing their voices and their gifts, wisdom, and engaging in such wonderful and needed dialogue. It is an American dialogue, a global dialogue really when babies are dying at a rapid rate before their 1st birthdays due to issues that can be easily addressed.

I am looking forward to continuing to share my ideas and testimony about good health, healthy eating, active lives, natural choices and being mindful as women as well as mamas what we put in our bodies and how we use our bodies. Me using my gift of dance to make a positive impact on society, community, and our children is important to me and I am glad I can continue to do so in spite of my recently discovered heart condition I have had since birth and surgery to repair the holes found in my heart. I hope my work and work alike is an inspiration for others to live their lives to the fullest impacting one another in a positive way. I would not have made it back to this point of doing this work and using my dance, something God called me to do if I did not have the network and community (and passion) I have.

And that drive and passion I have for being my best self – I would have been much sicker if I had not been aware of healthy lifestyle choices, good physical activity and eating well. 2012 was certainly a journey for me but I made it through and I say to you to keep striving for your goals, keep dreaming and moving through and remember, all you can do is be the best you, you can be. For me I know such choices will continue to keep my children and my family well, my community, and beyond well. I will keep pushing my work forward as I believe that women are the back bones of our families and the community so in light of Tonya’s documentary, I hope it can be of inspiration to many of you as well – so do your part! Get your hearts checked, your babies hearts checked, be mindful of what you put into your bodies and how you live your life. And don’t forget … SUPPORT THE ARTS! Visit Tonya’s site: healthyyounow.com – I look forward to sharing more of my story there. Let your journey be a testimony and your life have purpose! ~Yauri

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