Hip Hip – A 40-Year Neo Romantic Period

Sage Salvo (born Gilbert Newman Perkins) is the creator of Words Liive, an innovative literary arts program that aims to elevate the lyrical genius in hip-hop lyrics through a literary analysis which pairs historical poetry with the poetry of hip-hop by means of their respective use of literary devices… Sage is also the author of the forthcoming book, Words Liive: Hip-Hop as a Forty Year Neo-Romantic Literary Period. His Words Liive program has featured Grammy-nominated artists such as Maimouna Youssef and Carolyn Malachi. Commencing this year, Words Liive has also been adopted by a select number of Washington DC area high schools as an ancillary creative writing program. Excerpt from YouTube published December 14, 2012

Now I have known Gil, or Sage Salvo since middle school. We would share ideas on culture, dance, music, you name it. Intellectual conversation – creative, exploratory – we were like little militants questioning this, that, and then some in our various classes we took together throughout our middle and high school years. We stayed in touch throughout college, grad school, and in our respective PhD Programs. He is uncle Gilbert to my girls – my brother from another mother. He is certainly fam – a brother in law to my husband and I am happy to know him… still. Neither of us would have thought that we would have both ended up doing similar things using different but connected mediums, seeking to reach society through both our art and our scholarship. But why not; the voice is interdisciplinary and collective when you allow it to be. I remember Gil would write these amazing poems and I would be right there with him – reading them, giving him feedback, add my $0.02 … and dancing in my space. I am so glad he found his voice. ITS LOUD! I had no idea this is where Gil was going with his ideas and his work. And I am so proud of him. He will be at my event this Saturday, February 23rd and will speak on our impact as artists on youth, his work, and what we can all do to connect with arts in some way for the betterment of society. Most recently, Gil did a TedEx Talk in Washington DC, entitled: “Understanding Literature through Hip Hop” speaking just after Colin Powell. Check it out to hear what he has to say and learn more about his “Words Liive”. You can also check him out at www.sagesalvo.com! Tomorrow is going to be an awesome night so don’t miss out. You can still purchase your tickets online. If you cannot make it, donations are welcome! Live Loud…find your voice!

  • Lisa

    This is awesome. I would love to be a part of the work that is going on here on this platform.