Joanna Arnow is a phenomenal filmaker who I was introduced to by a friend and neighbor whose daughter aslo attends school with my little. Joanna has some pretty amazing work! She was …born and raised in Brooklyn and is a graduate of Wesleyan University of Film Studies. Joanna is a Brooklyn based artist who has done documentaries on subjects from avant-garde dance to labor issues. Her work has been screened at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts, among other places. Now, I have a million projects in mind; many of which I have shared with Joanna and there is nothing like artists of various mediums coming together! Mixed media, interdisciplinary work and seeing art through another form of art is not only explorative and experimental, but the limitations on what we can do are few and far between. For me, its all about stepping out of the box. We are teaming up on some upcoming projects and for my event this Saturday, February 23rd she will be capturing timeless moments which will not only be archived but also integrated into a short documentary on my artistic and creative efforts and some of the work I have done in my artistic career. Take a moment to view her reel and don’t forget to purchase your tickets for my event and if you cannot make it, donations are welcome! And remember, if you can walk you can dance, so get busy!