Bradley Vailntin, known as Super Bad Brad on YouTube is a singer and song writer of the band Meridian. The Brooklyn based band was formed by Bradley and guitarist Yohimbe Sampson in 2010. Meridian recently …performed at SOB’s, and were well received to say the least. Take a moment and check out the band’s video “Magic” and for more of Meridian’s electrifying, groovy, rhythmic sound, check out one of their latest works “Truth” on the Bold As Love Magazine – Music, Culture, & the New Black Imagination online magazine and for updates, eclectic dialogue and images along with more of their work, check out as Meridian’s official website. Bradley Valentine, an amazing vocalist, song writer, and friend will be one of the vocalists at my event this Saturday, February 23, 2013 accompanying the Yauri Dalencour Dance Youth Ensemble, so you don’t want to miss it! I am so excited and looking forward to working with Bradley again – he has an amazing voice, bountiful spirit, and his serenade and aesthetic is off the chain. Sit back and enjoy some tunes and have an inspirational and sensational day!

Bradley Valentin of “Meridian”