Dancing the Balance: From time management to natural hair care, finding the balance in your home to natural living, low stress, and enriching experiences for your child(ren) or the entire family, parenting support and advice is offered and you are one step away from finding an area where we can help where you think you could benefit from.

Family Time Management

Do you both work? Does one of you work and one stays at home? Are you trying to have one parent at home while the other one is working? The solution may be far from financial and as simple as time management. Figuring out what extra curricular activities to add, when, how and how pick up will be orchestrated is a an entirely different feat and as a mother balancing career and motherhood I can offer suport to help you solve the ‘time management mystery’ in your family. Often times, women get caught in the discussion around balancing motherhood and career but it is not so cut and dry when you are sharing your life with someone else. The entire family is part of the balance. Especially her partner.

Choosing Child Care

Do you go with a nanny, mothers helper, or a day care center? What do you look for in a child care provider or facility? How do you choose what is best for your child? How do you choose what is best for your family? For your wallet? As a mother of two who has worked with a variety of different types of care givers I have had my fair share of hiring and finding child care providers who fit my needs searching through agencies and by word of mouth. I offer support helping in this area.

Dancing Starts at Home - Introducing Dialogue Around Culture, "Race", & Multiculturalism

Yauri’s forthcoming book has it all but you can meet one on one with her to discovery ways to integrate discussions as they relate to identity, heritage, and diversity as well as how and when to educate your child on such topics. How to navigate experiences at school and in public settings, for you as the parent, and for your child in college.

Natural Hair: Care & Management

Whether your child’s hair has a tight curl or is bone straight, the market is flooded with hair products that are not all safe for your child or their hair. With two daughters of mixed heritage with natural hair – not processed and naturally curly I offer advice on hair products especially for children as well as ways to care for hair and maintain it a healthy way and natural way, especially curly hair.

Choose a Dance School & Dance Technique(s) for Your Child

Its a cultural thing. Really. in laboring in a birthing center and at home my one on one support during the pre/natal phase offering advice and support on how to prepare for not only birth but the natural process of birth is offered. Dance and movement and discussions around the importance of dance in life from birth and beyond is essential. Below are some other essentials offered through this service:

Choosing Extra Curricula Activities for Your Child

Creative or Analytical? If you knew exactly where your child stood, it would be very easy to help them find extra curricula activities which fit their needs and fit their interests. With an MA in from the NYUs Stenhardt School of Education, Culture, and Human Development, sifting through education theories such as Gardner’s, Dewey’s, and Freire’s and differentiating them became something I was able to do with my eyes closed. My background in understanding child development and learning modalities I can give you insight into your child’s strengths and weaknesses as well as advice on how to incorporate fields of interest.

Those Family Vacations

Whether its your baby’s first flight and you have no idea how to get the breast pump on board or you cannot seem to figure out where to get your son’s passport photos family vaca planning is something I can help with.  I am an avid travel and have been an expat twice. As a trained cultural anthropologist and Ethnodanceologist, traveling is my middle name! I am nothing short of making sure my babies could come in tow and their were activities for my kids on the flight, on the boat and on the train where wherever we traveled to throughout the world. Specific advice on how to navigate with your family culturally on vacation and how to choose the perfect destination(s) which meet your families needs and interests is stressed. Already selected your destination or have your trip booked? Itinerary planning is also offered!