Natural Eating - For the Mover in You

As a certified nutrition consultant I recall my days at Alvin Ailey American Dance School when the nutritionist would come and talk to us dancers about eating right and healthy. Her cooking tips and magazine articles I remember as clear as if it were yesterday when I was trying to figure out what foods gave me the most energy to get through my two ballet classes, a rehearsal, and tech rehearsal in one day. Those foods worked! The nutrition tips were only the beginning for me and since I ate well throughout my life and remained active as a dancer, my heart condition went well under the radar for a long time and was only found coincidently. I offer healthy eating support and advice for the individual and entire family.

Eating for a Healthy Heart: Condition or not, you want to keep that ticker moving!
How to Do Organic

Planning meals for your family: From Lunch to Left Overs & Everything in Between
Packing a Superb Lunch for your Little One
Getting Rid of No Goods

Making Baby Food. Its Organic & Cost Affective – Advice on How to make it and how to serve it. We make home visits.

Eating right for breastfeeding.

Eating well for the pre and post natal mama