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EthnodanceologyCreative™ founded by Yauri S. Kelly Dalencour in 2007, is dedicated to the services of cultural education through the artistic expression of dance. We are committed to exposing people of all ages to the connection of dance and culture as we believe this provides a pathway to better understanding the world around us.

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Service Offerings in Dance Education

    • Recruitment & Staffing
    • Professional Development
    • Lesson Planning
    • Program Implementation
    • Curriculum Design


EthnodanceologyCreative offers residencies over a single engagement or a one-week, four-week, eight week, or ten-week implementation interval in K-12 educational settings, higher education, and in museums and cultural arts centers all in both the private and public sectors.

Phase One: Our unique approach to any of our services begins with a partnership we develop between ourselves and you. A customization process that is easy and simple

Phase Two: After you have completed phase I, an in-depth analysis of institutional needs, organization mission, and current program structure will take place with consideration to the customization package you have selected. Through this analysis and your desired experience and outcome for your students we will successfully develop a package that works for you.

Topics are modified for age group, session or program length of your choosing. All sessions and programs can be offered at participant’s location. Ethnodanceology Summer Intensive (ESI) however is offered at independent locations.

Primary & Secondary - K-12

EthnodanceologyCreative works with public, private, independent, charter or magnet schools seeking lesson planning, curriculum design, program implementation, staffing and after school programming.

Colleges & Universities

Lectures, symposiums, master classes, residencies and program & department development for higher education. Degree tracks in performance and choreography or dance education.

Dance Companies & Studios

Creative outreach for dance companies and studios from educationally based programs to visual brand design.


Institutions devoted to preserving, exhibiting and researching culture in search of engaging community outreach, educational programming and residencies.

Cultural Arts Organization

Cultural Arts organizations and community centers thinking of incorporating dance into their programming or using dance or cultural awareness and celebration.


Guidance for the individual artist unsure about lesson planning or curriculum design, or for the cultural educator seeking innovation in teaching culture.

Other Organization

If these categories don’t fit your organization focus, just contact us!

Some of our current projects

Barak Obama—Image, Identity & MovementThe Influence of Hip Hop in Tanzania
Dance As Cultural Experience—Finding Self, Community and Transforming Others
Dance As Cultural Experience—An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Dance Ethnography
Through a Dance Lens—Resistive Spaces in Cultural Phenomena—From Vaudeville to Cyberculture

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