EthnoGroundZero is a cultural lifestyle resource for the artist, pre/post natal parent and the cultural sage. The hub offers information about natural living for individuals and their families through dance and dance conversation keeping visitors updated on upcoming events, performances, panel discussions, festivals, exhibitions and more. EthnoGroundZero is the home to Yauri Dalencour Dance with its outreach initiative, EthnodanceologyCreative, a dance and culture implementation boutique founded in 2007 by Yauri Dalencour meeting the needs of the student, teacher, performing artist, non-profit organization, dance company, administrator and audience member through dance education. Yauri has integrated her dance educational services of EthnodanceologyCreative with her creative sensibilities as an artist and cultural anthropologist, background in maternal care and nutrition and expertise as a wife and mom of two to creating EthnoGroundZero, offering the dance experience from birth and beyond.

Among being home to Yauri Dalencour Dance, EthnoGroundZero is also the home to other platforms including the International Residency Program/ExhibitionCuratorial Partnership, the Yauri Dalencour Dance Archives and the EthnoDance Festival with its inception in  2011. Through this hub, it is hoped that folks will be connected through dance and even further, experience works by Yauri such as Yauri Dalencour Dance’s current choreographic project, Mom.Me Monologues co-founded by Yauri Dalencour and Adrienne Hall Cedeno who is also a dancer, wife, and mom of two. The work is a dynamic, groundbreaking, passionate and memorable work using mixed media—photography, live music and film — fostering a dialog around women choosing to embark on pregnancy and motherhood within the context of dance. More to be explored, Yauri has shared her passion for dance for most of her life and continues to want to go even further. Her passion for dance has recently multiplied as of late 2012, Yauri learned she had holes in heart through self advocacy with various doctors after losing a pregnancy just short of her second trimester. After her heart was repaired within two months of discovery, she decided to widen the scope of her lens in seeing dance not only as a fortress, preserver, and teacher of cultural knowledge but also as a therapeutic and life sustaining artform. Because of her passion for and study of dance, she believes that her positivity, ability to birth two children naturally outside of hospitals and be healthy throughout her life despite her undiscovered heart condition from birth was a even possibility. Dance helped to preserve her life and can do this for anyone as it is beneficial from birth and beyond.


ethno_embed_image With the inception of EthnodanceologyCreative in 2007, a word that could only describe the study of dance within a cultural context was born. Ethnodanceology is the study of dance within a cultural context. Formed from the Greek word ‘ethnos’, meaning nation and from the French word ‘danser’, meaning dance, ethnodanceology can also be regarded as Dance Anthropology. Dance as Cultural Experience.

The EthnoArtist

The EthnoArtist is one who is looking at art within a cultural context. One who recognizes art as a cultural preserver, identifies similarities and differences in art transculturally and understands cultural connections through art globally. As it relates to dance specifically, it is one who embraces what dance has to offer culturally and how their art can be enhanced, influenced, and shaped by dance as a cultural medium.

The EthnoMama

The EthnoMama is one who is raising their child(ren) culturally conscious.  One who engages in dialog with their child(re)n about culture, “race”, and identity. One who is aware of cultural similarities among her children particularly in play groups, classroom settings, classes and play ground visits for example. One who recognizes that they as the parent are the keeper of cultural knowledge that is introduced to their child in their home and largest influencer and embraces the abilities dance has to offer such transference of knowledge. Views dance to be beneficial from birth and beyond.

The EthnoEducator

The EthnoEducator is one who teaches within a cultural context. One who recognizes education as a cultural platform and a platform for preserving and cultivating culture and cultural experience. Further, it is one who identifies similarities and differences in education transculturally and understands cultural connections through education globally across curriculum development, implementation and practice.

The EthnoWriter

The EthnoWriter is one who writes using a cultural lens. One who is sensitive to culture, diversity and race relations writing either creatively or academically within this context. As it relates to dance, it is the writer who is open to exploring dance for processing cultural knowledge.

The EthnoEverything

The EthnoEverything is one who looks at everything within a cultural context. Enough said.

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