2013 Season Underway – Kicking it off with a New Hub!

Since the founding of EthnodanceologyCreative in October of 2007, this Brooklyn based arts and cultural boutique has grown through dance classes, dance programs, and dance making throughout the metropolitan New York City area! This year, we kick off with the launching of EthnoGroundZone, the arts and cultural hub for everything dance from birth and beyond and home to Yauri Dalencour Dance umbrella to EthnodanceologyCreative, the outreach initiative ongoing since 2007, the school – offering classes and programs in dance to all ages in group settings and 1 on 1, the EthnoDance Festival, a three day dance festival, the Yauri Dalencour Dance Archives, and dance company work featuring the upcoming projects, Mom.Me Monologues and Dancing Starts at Home!

This Year Includes!

Yauri S. Kelly Dalencour has been working hard to break ground for classes, seminars, and services offering dance from birth and beyond at its very own location so please join us as these efforts move closer to meeting the needs of Yauri Dalencour Dance by supporting Yauri Dalencour Dance/EthnodanceologyCreativewith tax deductible donations, supporting our fundraising events, and by simply enjoying the dance! Spring 2013 has so much in store. This year includes:

    • Yauri S. Kelly Dalencour guest lecturist at CUNY’s New Community College – New York, NY
    • Yauri S. Kelly Dalencour teaching EthnodanceologyCreative™ classes at Long Island University’s Children’s Academy
    • Open Houses – LIU’s Children’s Academy where EthnodanceologyCreative™  classes taught by Yauri S. Kelly Dalencour
    • Open Houses – Yauri Dalencour Dance – Registration begins February (for March 11- April 30) or March (April 1-May 25) for upcoming classes and programming
    • EthnodanceologyCreative™ Spring 2013 programming with four (4) ten (8) week classes offerings:
    • Drop Your Tots/Kiddies  (ages 2-3)
    • Dancing Scholars I (ages 4-7)
    • Pre Natal Dance Classes – Dancing Mommas
    • Baby and Me Classes – Dancing Baby and Me

    There will also be workshops for parents as well as FreeKidsPlay while older siblings, younger siblings, and/or mamas/papas/caregivers take classes!

    Don’t forget, ongoing one-on-one advice and expertise in parenting through dance from birth and beyond!

    Stay Tuned!